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  • Functional Wellness

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    Are you frustrated that your list of medication keeps growing longer as your health becomes worse?

    Are you tired of the “trial-and-error” cycle trying to figure out what health recommendations are effective for you?


    You Can Break the Cycle.

    MyNOW Wellness Signature Packages offer customized 3-Month and 12-Month programs that include a mix of the following services:

    • Medication Therapy Management
    • Pharmacogenetic and Nutrigenetic Consultations
    • Functional Nutrition Coaching
    • These packages are curated with focus on your uniqueness which allows us to create a precise action plan specifically catered to YOU.

    Not wanting to commit to a signature package, but still want to taste and see how we can partner with you on your wellness journey? Take a look at our one-time consult packages below.

    MyNow Wellness Consult Packages:

    Medication Therapy (MTM) Consult – $299

    – Medication therapy review

    – 60-minute consultation

    – Tailored recommendations   

    Pharmacogenetic (PGX) Consult – $500

    – Testing kit and analysis

    – 60-minute consultation

    – Tailored recommendations

    Nutrigenetic (NGX) Consult – $500

     Testing kit and analysis

    – 60-minute consultation

    – Tailored recommendations

    Discovering your unique genetic profile can help jumpstart the process to take charge of your health. You will gain the clarity needed to take a WHOLE lifestyle approach and get the results you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

    At MyNOW Wellness, your wellness advocate we will Educate, Equip, and Empower You!

    Give us a call today and let’s get you empowered to live well!