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    We specialize in precision therapy and work fervently to customize a therapeutic program that is effective for you. Partner with MyNOW Precision Therapy & Wellness Today! 

    We offer both English and Spanish Counseling Sessions 

    Trauma Therapy

    We will partner with you to unearth the root cause of anxiety, depression and the areas of your life where you feel stuck due to past or present unhealed trauma. Let us walk with you on your healing path to empowered wellness.

    Addiction Therapy

    We will address the unique symptoms of your addiction and together, we will structure your ongoing recovery to ensure that you achieve your goals.

    Pre-Marriage & Marriage Therapy

    We will work with you and your partner to ensure that the sustainable foundational elements are in place for your future or current marriage relationship to thrive.

    Group & Family Therapy

    Healing and growth happen in community. We love to empower our clients through group and family therapy.

    MyNOW Mindset Coaching

    Our curated Mindset Coaching programs can help you break out of the cycle of stagnation or defeat so you can successfully transition into a life of abundance.

    Functional Wellness Coaching

    We will equip you to optimize your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. You can become empowered to thrive and not just survive.

    Senior Counseling

    We honor and cherish the senior and elderly members of our community. We specialize in providing support and partnering with you to effectively navigate difficult transitions in this season of your life. You can truly thrive, and we can help.


    If you are in a life-threatening or emergency medical situation, please call 911 or seek other medical assistance immediately. The information provided on this website and by MyNOW Precision Therapy & Wellness PLLC. is not intended to replace the advice of your Physician or other health care providers, but is rather intended to help you make informed healthcare decisions and take greater responsibility for your own health. Counsel, materials, or the information received should not be used to diagnose or develop a treatment plan for a health problem or disease without consulting your physician or qualified healthcare provider.