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At MyNOW Precision Wellness, we desire to see you THRIVE and not just survive. Our mission is to engage, educate, equip, and empower our clients to make the best possible decisions regarding their medication therapy and overall health and wellness. 

From Our Founder


I’m Dr. Bibi Ladipo-Ajayi (Pharm D), a licensed pharmacist who specializes in precision medicine through the use of advanced genetic testing. I am passionate about providing the clarity and precision needed to help my clients become empowered and take charge of their health and wellness. 

I believe my background as a fellowship-trained Doctor of Pharmacy with over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug information and pharmacology uniquely and strategically equips me to be an asset to my clients. As a medical communications specialist and an avid researcher of biomedical literature, I am highly skilled at interpreting and simplifying complex scientific data for easy understanding. I also has advanced training in functional medicine nutrition and love to motivate and coach my clients, while equipping them with tools to help adopt a proactive and functional wellness lifestyle. I am committed to educating both healthcare providers and their patients about the effectiveness of precision medicine tools to reduce the trial and error cycle our healthcare system is clearly stuck in. I absolutely derive great joy from collaborating with other practitioners and their patients/clients to ensure positive outcomes for all.

I am honored to lead a team of MyNOW Wellness Advocates who are passionate about creating innovative and customized health and wellness models that utilize and celebrate the strengths of various members of the healthcare team. The core MyNOW team comprises of Functional Nutrition Practitioners, Medication Therapy Management, and Certified Pharmacogenomics Consultant Pharmacists.

Strategic partnerships are critical to your success.
with MyNOW ?

  • We offer the expertise of a comprehensive and personalized approach that incorporates, functional medicine nutrition and precision medication therapy management solutions.

  • We are not your traditional pharmacy or health practice. Therefore, we are not distracted by demands and pressures to meet prescription quotas or corporate margins. You are the purpose of our existence and we are committed to serving you.

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