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    Who We Are

    At MyNOW Precision Therapy & Wellness, we desire to see you THRIVE and not just survive. Our mission is to equip you to become empowered to live a life of optimized, functional wellness as you truly desire.

    Our Vision is Your Empowered Wellness, NOW!

    Strategic partnerships are critical to your success


    • We are not your traditional counseling practice. Our uniqueness is in the precision with which we target the root cause of mental health symptoms instead of focusing on the symptoms alone.
    • We offer the expertise of a comprehensive and personalized approach that recognizes you are a WHOLE person made up of different parts.
    • Our passion lies in helping people heal from and overcome trauma and other mental health challenges while equipping them to become facilitators of healing in their families and communities.

    Let Us Partner with You on Your Unique Journey

    Meet Our Founder

    Bibi Ladipo-Ajayi believes that every aspect of a unique individual’s life is interconnected and should be viewed as parts that make up the WHOLE person. Bibi recognizes the innate ability of our bodies to heal when supported by effective, precision nutrition, and lifestyle habits that prevent and heal sickness and disease. Bibi is passionate about helping people transition from feeling hopeless and helpless to becoming hopeful and empowered in their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

    She is honored to lead a team of MyNOW Wellness Advocates, passionate about utilizing innovative and customized health and wellness models to cater to the unique needs of clients. The core MyNOW team comprises Licensed Mental Health Therapists and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors. MyNOW Wellness also collaborates with Functional Medicine/Nutrition Practitioners to ensure that our clients receive the best individualized, wholistic care possible.

    MyNOW Wellness Advocates

    Richard L. Alford, MS, LPC-S, Consultant

    Richard L. Alford, MS, LPC-S, Consultant

    Richard believes that people often have the answers to their challenges and need a little bit of help arriving at their unique solutions. He is passionate about being a stable, supportive guide and coach that most people need to achieve their goals.